Deleting your choice

You can have your choice deleted from the Donorregister. In that case, there will no longer be a choice recorded for you. Doctors will then ask your relatives for permission for organ donation in the event of your death.

If you would rather decide for yourself and you are certain that you do not want to be a donor, register and state as your choice ‘No: I do not give permission’. In the event of your death, no organs and/or tissues will then be donated.

There are two ways of deleting your registration:

Everyone in the register in 2020

There will be a new Donorregister from 1 July 2020 where everyone aged 18 and over in the Netherlands must record their choice about organ donation. You can make, record and change your choice about organ donation yourself. If you are already registered, your choice remains valid. For more information about the new Donorregister, see under ‘Changes in 2020’.