How does the Donor Register work?

In the Donor Register you record whether or not you want to give organs and tissues to a patient after your passing. Examples of organs are a kidney or your lungs. Examples of tissues are skin or blood vessels. If you record your choice, your family, partner or friend will know whether or not you want to become an organ donor.

Everyone in the Netherlands is included in the Donor Register from the age of 18. If you don’t fill in a choice yourself, then ’No objections to organ donation’ will be noted next to your name in the register.

The Donor Register

The Donor act was changed on 1 July 2020.
Everyone in the Netherlands aged 18 or older will be included in the Donor Register.
At you can register your choice.
Your partner, your family, or your close friend, will then know if you wish to donate your organs and tissue after your death.

What will happen if you do not register a choice?
Did you not register your choice?
Then you will receive a letter as a reminder.
If you do not indicate your choice, 'No objection to donation' will be shown next to your name.
Your organs and tissue may be donated to a patient after your death.
The doctor at the hospital will discuss this with your family.

What are your options?
In the Donor Register you can choose to be a donor or not.
Or you can nominate someone else to make the decision.
For example, your partner, family or a your close friend.
At your choice can be registered, viewed or updated at any time.

Did you already register your choice?
In that case no further action is required.
Your choice has been recorded in the Donor Register.

Do you have questions or need help?
Call the Donor Register 0900 - 821 21 66 or visit

Children and the Donor Register

Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to make a choice about organ and tissue donation. Their parents will make that decision if necessary . Children from the age of 12 can record their own choice.

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I'm turning 18

Everybody who turns 18 may record their own choice in the Donor Register. They will receive a letter shortly after their 18th birthday. In this letter they are asked if they want to record their choice in the Donor Register. Anyone who does not make a choice will eventually enter the register with 'no objection to donation'.

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New or back in the Netherlands

Everyone from the age of 18 who moves to the Netherlands will be entered in the Donor Register. You have to be registered at a Dutch municipality though.

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Unable to give legal consent (mentally incompetent)

Someone who cannot fully understand what organ and tissue donation means, should not make a choice themselves. For example someone with dementia. His or her legal representative can record in a choice on behalf of that person.

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