Changing your choice

You can change your choice at any time. You can do this with your DigiD or by filling in a new donor form.

Discuss your new choice with your family

When you change your choice, your old choice will be blocked. After you have informed us of your change, you will receive confirmation of your registration. Your new choice will become valid four weeks later. In the meantime, no choice will be visible to doctors. We recommend that you discuss your new choice with your family, because if you should die in the meantime, the doctors will discuss the choice of whether to donate organs with them. It is helpful for your relatives to be aware of your choice.

Changing personal data through the municipality

The name and address recorded for you in the Donorregister can only be changed via your municipality. The personal data in the Donorregister is linked to the Personal Records Database (‘Basisregistratie Personen’, BRP). This means that the data as known to the municipality is taken over into the Donorregister. If there is an error or if you are for instance going to move house, tell your municipality.