A doctor can view your record

When somebody dies who might be a donor, the doctor is obliged to consult the Donorregister.

Strict protocol

Only doctors and certain members of staff at the hospital can consult the Donorregister. There are strict rules and agreements about this. The Donorregister and may only be examined in the context of someone's death. We treat the data s confidential, as per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, Dutch ‘AVG’).

When can your record not be consulted?

Doctors cannot consult your record in the following cases:

  1. If you have not recorded a choice in the Donorregister.
  2. If you move abroad and are no longer registered with a Dutch municipality. In that case, your record in the Donorregister will be blocked and doctors can no longer view your record. If you come back to the Netherlands and register with a Dutch municipality again, your record will once again be available to be viewed.
  3. When you change your choice, your old choice will be blocked. From that moment on, no choice is visible to doctors in the Donorregister. You will receive confirmation of your registration. Your new choice will become valid four weeks later.
  4. If you have your choice deleted from the Donorregister, doctors will no longer be able to view your choice. Your choice and your details will then be deleted from the Donorregister. In the event of your death, doctors will then ask your relatives for permission for donation.

We recommend always discussing your choice with your relatives. That makes it clear for everyone.