Who is allowed to record their choice?

You may record your choice in the Donorregister if you are:

  1. aged 12 or over
  2. registered as a resident of a Dutch municipality
  3. competent to make medical choices

Aged under 12

Children younger than 12 cannot record their choice in the Donorregister or have it recorded for them. In such cases, the doctor will ask for permission from the parents or guardians. Donation is not possible if there is a difference of opinion between the parents or guardians.

From 12 to 16 years

Children aged 12 to 16 may record their choice in the Donor Register.

  • If 'yes' has been entered by the child, the parent(s) or guardian can overrule this choice, therefore not  allowing the donation to go through.
  • If 'no' is recorded by the child, the parent(s) or guardian must respect this. So  donation will not take place.

From the age of 16

Everyone aged 16 or older may decide for themselves whether or not to be a donor. If they do not make a choice then they won't be in the Donorregister.

From the age of 18

All young people receive a letter after their eighteenth birthday. This lets them record a choice in the Donorregister. Everybody who does not make a choice, will eventually be in the Donorregister with 'No objections to organ donation'.

Incompetent to give consent

People from the age of 18 who are unable to give their legal consent (mentally incompetent) will also be included in the Donor Register. Legal representatives of a person who is incompetent to give consent, can make a choice on behalf of this person.