How can I choose what’s right for me?

Choosing whether or not you want to become a donor may be  difficult for you. It is important to think carefully about this. And to talk about it with your partner or family. If you make a decision yourself, the register will contain the choice you want. This way  your partner and family will know whether you want to become a donor or not. Whatever choice you record, you can always change your choice.

To become a donor or not?

What actually happens when you become a donor? How does that conversation go with my partner or family? You probably want to know more about that. Information about this can be found on this website under 'What happens if someone becomes a donor?'

More information about organ and tissue donation can be found on the website of the Dutch Transplantation Foundation (NTS). The NTS is working on improving organ and tissue donation. The physician also asks the NTS whether someone can be a donor. And the NTS arranges the donation of organs and tissues. You will find answers to your questions about donation and transplantation on the website.

No choice recording

If you have nott recorded a choice yet, 'no objection to organ donation' will be noted by your name in the register. This means that your organs and tissues can go to a patient after your passing. A physician will discuss this with your partner or family in the event of your passing.

Read more information about no objection.