Our tasks and cooperation

The core tasks of the Donorregister are recording and providing information. To do this, we work together with the Dutch Transplant Foundation (Nederlandse Transplantatie Stichting, NTS).

The Donorregister keeps records

Registration in the Donorregister is done by completing a donor form. This can be done online, with a DigiD, or on paper. Recording the choice in the Donorregister makes it clear to all those involved whether somebody wants to be a donor of organs and/or tissues after their death.

The Donorregister provides information

If you have any questions about donor registration, you can ask them by letter or by e-mail. You can also phone us. We also issue information ourselves. We then write to people and ask them to make and record their choice regarding organ donation.

Information about an individual's choice will only be provided in writing and to that person themselves. We never provide this information to any others. There is one exception: the treating physician.


The key organisation that the Donorregister works with is the Dutch Transplant Foundation (NTS). The NTS acts as an intermediary when a doctor wants to consult the Donorregister. The organisation can always be reached by doctors, day and night. Doctors can consult the Donorregister online or by phone.

In addition, the NTS provides information about organ and tissue donation and associated topics, for instance being a donor and recording choices in the Donorregister. The NTS is also responsible for fair allocation of the available organs and tissues to people on the waiting lists for transplants in the Netherlands.