About the Donorregister

The Donorregister is part of the CIBG. The CIBG is an agency of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

The register was set up in 1998 to implement the Organ Donation Act. This act states that everyone who is aged 12 or older and registered with a Dutch municipality may make a choice about organ donation and can have that choice recorded.

The Donorregister Decree is an implementation of Article 10, paragraph 5 of the Organ Donation Act. It determines the format, content and submission of the donor form and maintenance of the accessibility of the Donorregister.

Purpose of the Donorregister

Recording the choice makes it clear for everyone who is involved in the donation. On top of that, it allows the number of organ and tissue donations to be increased. The Organ Donation Act also forbids trade in organs and tissues. The act also ensures that the distribution of organs and tissues is lawful.