About the Donorregister

The Donor Register was set up in 1998 to implement the Organ Donation Act. Anyone from the age of 12 in the Netherlands can record their choice in the Donor Register. This is stated in the Organ Donation Act (WOD). Are you 18 years or older and do you not record a choice? Then ’no objections to organ donation’ will be noted next to your name in the register.

The Donorregister is part of the CIBG. The CIBG is an agency of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Purpose of the Donorregister

It is important to record a choice in the Donor Register. And discuss your choice with your partner or family. Then, if you die, they will know which choice you have made in the Donor Register. This makes the conversation in the hospital easier for your partner or family. If everyone fills in their choice, everyone will know whether they want to become a donor.