Is ‘No objection’ in the register the same as ‘Yes: I give permission’?

Both registrations mean that permission for organ donation has been given. Your organs and tissues can then be given to a patient after your death.

The difference between ‘Yes: I give permission’ and ‘No objection to organ donation’ is that the first format is what you have recorded in the register yourself, whereas ‘No objection’ has been filled in for you by the governmental authorities. The government will do this if you do not enter anything in the register after receiving the two letters.

Discussion between the doctor and family

In the event of your death, the doctor will discuss what the register says with your family. If your family is absolutely certain that you did not want to be a donor, they can explain this to the doctor. For both ‘Yes’ and ‘No objection’, the doctor will not proceed with donation.
It is also possible that your family themselves will have serious objections. They can then discuss that with the doctor. A doctor will always take this into account.

Entering your choice yourself

Before ‘No objection to organ donation’ is placed next to your name, you will receive two letters. In these letters, we ask you to make a choice.

Changing your choice

You can always change the record stating ‘No objection to organ donation’.

You can always change your choice. This can be done directly using your DigiD or by completing an online form. You can also send a paper donor form. You can get one of these from your municipality or at most hospitals.
You can also ask for one by calling the information number 0900-821-2166.