What will happen after 1st of July 2020 if I haven't made a choice yet?

If you have not recorded your choice in the Donor Register yet, from September 2020 we will send you letters to request you to do so.

Personal letter

  • If you have not recorded a choice in the Donor Register by 1 July 2020, you will receive from September 2020 a letter by post. In this letter, we ask you if you could please make a choice.
    The first letters to remind you of making a choice will be sent in phases between September 2020 and January 2021. Citizens who have not registered in a different part of The Netherlands may receive the letter at different moments.
  • If you do not enter anything in the Donor Register after receiving this letter, you will get another letter 6 weeks later.
  • If you still do not fill anything in, ‘No objections to organ donation’ will be noted next to your name. You will then receive confirmation of this by post.

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