The Dutch Transplant Foundation (Nederlandse Transplantatiestichting)

If it is highly likely that someone will die in the near future and that person might be suitable as an organ or tissue donor, the hospital will consult the Donorregister to see what choice that person has recorded. This may be done before death is confirmed. Organ or tissue donation can then only ensue if there is a ‘Yes’ in the Donorregister OR if permission is given by the relatives or by a person designated for the purpose.

Dutch Transplant Foundation

If you would like to know more about organ and tissue donation and you are looking for answers to the following questions, for instance, take a look on the website of the Dutch Transplant Foundation.

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  • How is death determined?
  • How is the discussion with the family about donation handled?
  • Can my family still say their farewells to me if I am an organ donor?
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