Why should you record your choice?

A record of the choice makes it clear for everyone: not only for your partner and family but also for care providers. If you do not want to be a donor, it is also important to record that choice. That avoids your partner or family having to face the question of organ donation at an emotional moment.

Whether or not to be an organ donor is an important decision. Only take it once everything is clear for you.  You can read what being a donor means on transplantatiestichting.nl. The website gives detailed information and some relatives tell their stories there.

What if I do not register?

Registration is not mandatory. If you do not record your own decision about donation, your partner or family will decide. That can be difficult if they are not aware of your choice. They may refuse to allow donation whereas you would have wanted to be a donor. That could mean organs and tissues are lost to people who are waiting for them.

There will be a new Donorregister from 1 July 2020 where everyone aged 18 and over in the Netherlands must record their choice about organ donation. You can make, record and change your choice about organ donation yourself. If you are already registered, your choice remains valid. For more information about the new Donorregister, see under ‘Changes in 2020’.